Digital Double Bill Adrena Adrena

Sun 29 September

Digital Double Bill: The Other and Adrena, Adrena

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The Other (Samuel Kerridge, Taylor Burch and Daisy Dickinson)
Loosely based on Jean Cocteau’s ‘Address To The Year 2000’, ‘The Other’ brings together a collaboration between Samuel Kerridge (Downwards/Contort), Taylor Burch (Tropic Of Cancer), and Daisy Dickinson.

The trio have created a visual, speech, and sound based performance utilising large pieces of fabric, immersing Kerridge in audio reactive/live-mixed visuals, reflecting themes of infinity, depth, and dimension, creating a multi-sensory explosion into the past and future.

The show centres around their critically acclaimed album, an experimental soundscape interacting with Taylors spoken word, with the physical power and presence synonymous with Samuels work. The narrative is more relevant than ever.

Adrena, Adrena (Daisy Dickinson & E-da)
A live performance collaboration between visual artist Daisy Dickinson and drummer E-Da Kazuhisa (Boredoms, Seefeel). The duo cut a raw blend of drums, noise and organic visual work (featuring an eight foot white sphere that hangs above Kazuhisa’s drum kit onto which Dickinson maps videos).

As a duo, they have performed at International Festival of Projections, The ICA London, CERN – The European Organisation for Nuclear Research and festivals across the Europe, Japan and Taiwan.


The Other

Adrena, Adrena (Daisy Dickinson & E-da)