Mon 2 March

The Big SAD

This event has passed

They say it’s unlucky to take Christmas decorations down past New Year’s, but if I keep them up all year then how is luck supposed to know?

Set at the overbearing, over-orchestrated party of Alf and Claud, two hosts who are not over Christmas, The Big SAD is a compilation of Distractions; monologues, duologues, songs, poems and sketches linked through the collective underlying feeling that the period after Christmas is a little bit shit.

Cold turkey and cranberry sandwiches don’t taste as good in March.

Usually defined as Seasonal Affective Disorder, The Big SAD is an evening of Seasonal Artistic Distraction that aims to warm the wintery hearts of both artists and audiences. In asking the scary question: “how do you cope going from the abundance of company, presents and love, to the crumbling feeling of loneliness, financial instability and lack of intimacy?”, The Big SAD weaves together performances that are funny, earnest, but most importantly honest. Aiming to toast frozen fingers and toes, join us for an evening that toasts to the start of an ominous new year, and an even more daunting start to a new decade.

What’s so special about this show is that everyone involved with the show – actors, writers, set designers, composers – all work at the Lowry as bartenders, waiters, in the box office, in the coffee shop. We want to showcase the immense level of talent hiding in plain sight in such an influencial North West performance venue.