Shoots: Off-Piste

Tue 2 April

Shoots: Off Piste

This event has passed

‘Shoots’ is The Lowry’s dedicated scratch evening dedicated to the development of new ideas; it’s a chance for local artists to put their ideas in front of an audience, to see if they have legs. It’s about throwing an idea at the wall and seeing if it sticks, it’s about now rather than never, it’s about the spit, without the polish. And given that Shoots is all about shaking things up, this time we thought we’d do things a little differently!

Inspired by our Week 53 festival and its ‘inside out’ approach to The Lowry’s building, we are holding ‘Shoots: Off-Piste’, a version of our scratch night which takes place outside of the Studio, in five more unusual performance/non-performance spaces across the building. The audience will be split into 4 small groups and taken around the spaces to view each piece of work. Artists will perform each piece four times in a row, to each audience group, in their designated space.

Places for this event are limited. Please book tickets in advance to avoid disappointment!


The performances will be:

SEAHORSE by Lane Paul Stewart / Facing North Theatre
On the Hexagon Bridge
A man stands on the end of a pier with a suitcase, forced to depart for a new beginning. But what is packed inside? Trapped between ocean and conflict, stripped of home and belonging, only love remains.
The risk is unimaginable. The decision made. The time is now.

JUDGEMENT DAY by Baobab Tree
In the Carole Nash lookout
‘There’s no ideal answer but you have to make a choice.’
Returning with their trademark interactive style, Baobab Tree dives into the challenges of a custody battle. Katie’s been catapulted from childhood to the uncomfortable stage of not-quite-adulthood all whilst her parents are separating. But how will young Katie’s fate be decided?

In the Orchestra Dressing Room
Let Rosy Maple, the hardest working moth in Tinseltown, beguile you with half-remembered tales and semi-settled grudges from her glittering career.  Expect six-legged song and dance, showbiz sparkle and rapturous applause (by any means necessary).  Come, bounce off the bulb of her genius!



AN INVENTORY OF ME by By Gareth Mattey with Michael Brailey and SHOAL
In the Compass Room

Me is lost in a room which holds too many memories. Seeking direction, seeking solidity, they begin to build an inventory. Responding to a fragment of verse in Twelfth Night, this experiential music drama seeks to understand a person and a space through an inventoried list of parts, features and memories.


ETA CARINA – THE MUSICAL by Violet Blonde, Karl Olsen and Clare McNulty
In the Quays Bar
Eta Carina is an aging starlet a million miles from home. Sent from her home as the privileged daughter of a powerful dictator to perform in the furthest reaches of outer space, she will finally discover the truth behind her journey in this new scene from this ever-growing queer dystopian space musical.