No Show at The Lowry

Fri 5 October

No Show

This event has passed

What do you expect when you go to the circus?

The greatest show on earth?

The glitzy smiles, the glitter of sequins, the drum rolls as performers who seem super human effortlessly perform death-defying acts?

No Show joyously and heartbreakingly reveals what lies hidden beneath the showmanship. There will be desperate attempts and heroic failures, glorious achievements and bruised bodies and egos as the performers push themselves to their physical and mental limit. See behind the flawless smiles and perfect execution of the traditional circus performance to show the wobbles, the pain, and the real cost of aiming for perfection.

A show for anyone who has tried, failed and failed better.


“A breathtaking piece of contemporary circus”

The Wee Review

“A generously funny, ultimately moving display of grit, determination and athletic prowess.”

The Herald

“This show is thoughtful, empowering and awe-inspiring. It cannot be missed.”

Broadway Baby

“Exposing circus’ ugly side while celebrating feminine strength”

The List