Tue 23 March

Levantes Dance Theatre: The Band & Audition


Levantes Dance Theatre have a constant enthusiasm for fusing artistic disciplines and indulging in vibrant aesthetics. Our work is inclusive and exploratory with a focus on visuals and movement.

The company was formed to create bold, bright and visually striking performance. We work with a number of exceptional collaborators on each new project. We make bold, bright and beautiful performance for audiences of all ages.

Levantes’ practice is made of three interconnecting stands:

  • We make daring performance, laced with humour, for black box theatre spaces that transcends dance, theatre and circus conventions to offer new and intriguing experiences for audiences.
  • We make charming and peculiar public intervention performance in the form of bite sized canapé routines; visual pieces of play that interact closely with audiences at festivals and outdoor events.
  • The third element of our work is the fantastic education and skills development opportunities that we provide for communities, families, university students, young creatives and artistic professionals.

All strands collectively develop the company’s connection with audiences who are seeking something delectably different from the norm.

Levantes Dance Theatre, The Band, Jacksons Lane


Sandy & Bruno met in the seventies. She was fame hungry, he was doomed to follow her. As one hit wonders, this is a story of their big come-back. With Sandy’s determination and Bruno’s blissful devotion to her, they are here; not by popular demand, but by sheer defiance.

With striking aesthetics and a rousing soundtrack, THE BAND is a quirky, humorous display of desperate ambition and blind affection told through awe-inspiring dance, theatre and circus.

‘’Absolutely wonderful!!! Incredible skill!” Audience member

“…theatrical close up magic” British Theatre Guide



AUDITION is the 5th indoor production of Levantes Dance Theatre.

The show is a story of a murder committed by a family. 5 performers (ranging from the age of 20 to 80 years old).

AUDITION explores how a family act individually and/ or with others in extreme circumstances.

Family secrets are revealed and the perceived world of normality is quite literally turned upside down.

AUDITION will use humour and tension to play with our modern, morbid fascination with True Crime stories. It explores the boundary between the reality of horrible crimes, and the glamorisation and exploitation of these stories.

The show will be an alchemic combination of aerial dance, dance-theatre and stunning visuals. Bodies will fly, bend, flip, contort, climb, balance and dance to their favourite songs.

Artistic Direction: Eleni Edipidi
Devising & Performing: Eleni Edipidi & Nathan Johnston
Circus Consultant & Artistic Advisor: Tina Koch/ Ockham’s Razor
Visuals: Gopan Iyadurai
Dramaturg: Lisa – Marie Bowler
Lighting Designer: Lucy Hansom
Sound: Rob Spaull & Garry Scott James
Costume & Props Design: Levantes Dance Theatre
Costume & Props Assistant : Stella – Jane Odoemelam
Rehearsal Assistants: Bethanie Harrison & Andrew Gardiner
Stage Manager: Penny Cunningham
Production: Jenny Sullivan
Image credit: Foteini Christofilopoulou
Thank you to: Jess Allen, Adam Davies, Maria Edipidi, Rachel Freeman (EVERYBODY DANCE), Gigi Giannella,  Abigail Yeates and Paul J Cockle (Centre de creation / Les Joncailles), Yvonne Kalter, Martina Serra, Stefano di Renzo and Wired Aerial Theatre.
Funded by Arts Council England
Developed with the support of Greenwich & Lewisham Young People’s Theatre, as part of Progression (an Arts Council England funded project). Supported by Greenwich Dance and Jacksons Lane.