Food Bank Boulevard

Mon 30 September - Tue 1 October

Food Bank Boulevard

This event has passed

A new play by MaD Theatre Company

Homeless man Stan sleeps rough on a bench outside the food bank. This is the tenth food bank in the area which was proudly opened by the local councillor. She loves a photo opportunity does the councillor. She is also proud to announce an arts festival which is coming to the city and wants her constituents to be involved, in the hope that it might further her career in local government.

When International, conceptual artist, Rollo Hollovici discovers a priceless piece of art in the community it promises to change everyones lives forever. Will it be an opportunity to escape the daily grind or is it a poisoned challis for Stan?

“Food Bank Boulevard” is an irreverent satire commenting on today’s inner city Britain and is from the producers of, “It’s The Wrong Way To Tickle Mary” and “Me, You & George Clooney”.

Miss it and your life will be that bit emptier than it should be.