Papaver Rhoeas Paddy Hartley

Sat 1 April - Sun 14 May

Edit. 01: Paddy Hartley

This event has passed

The Lowry’s Edits series gives artists and performers physical space to work in our galleries and headspace to develop previously unexplored ideas into new works.

London-based artist Paddy Hartley’s artworks revolve around themes of remembrance, asking if rather than being obsessed by memorialization, we should instead advocate a natural passing of memory and an acceptance that forgetting can be as healing as remembering.

His work ranges from bespoke embroidered First World War military uniforms, telling the stories of injured servicemen, to botanically accurate poppies created entirely from lambs’ heart tissue and horse hair, doomed to decay. Drawing inspiration from a wide range of sources, not least human stories and memories, Hartley uses bio-tissue assembly, digital embroidery, photography, ceramics, installation and sculpture developed in collaboration with leading scientists and curators.

During his residency at The Lowry, Hartley presented existing work as well as creating new, constantly evolving installation pieces involving the excavating and moulding of clay into artworks inspired by battlefield archaeology which was left to disintegrate. Visitors were given a glimpse into the studio practice of a diverse and inspired artist, and had the chance to ask him questions, discuss his ideas and submit their own ancestral stories of the First World War.