5 week portrait course

Tue 12 March

5 Week Portraiture Course

This event has passed

Have you ever wanted to draw portraits but…

Don’t know where to start?
Stop life drawings when you get to the head?
Would like brush up your drawing skills and develop your confidence?

Learn the essentials of drawing portrait studies on this 5 week course with Christopher Clements and expand your creative potential.

Whether you want to create portrait sketches of friends and family, improve your life drawing or want a solid foundation for portrait paintings the course will provide you with a flexible set of skills that you can use in many different ways.

About the course

You will develop your drawing abilities from life starting with the fundamental aspects of gesture and proportion. This is an essential foundation for convincing, dynamic portraits. From here you’ll work through the structures of the head allowing you to draw the features and smaller details with confidence. Finally you’ll learn about tonal value to give your drawings form and realism.

  • Capture the gesture & orientation of the head
  • Develop your sense of proportion & structure
  • Place the features with confidence
  • Use tonal value to create believable form in your drawings

By the end of the course you’ll be familiar with and approach which helps you concentrate on one concept at a time.

A sound understanding of gesture, structure and proportion will give you the confidence to work with flair and imagination in your own work.

The course will provide a framework to increase the efficiency of your work and enable you to pace your work according to the time available.

Course Structure and Teacher

Course Structure

  • Week 1 Gesture, proportion & orientation of the head
  •  Week 2 Structure of the head and placement of the features
  • Week 3 Structure of the features
  • Week 4 Light and shadow
  • Week 5 Tonal value and focus

Christopher Clements studied Fine Art Painting at Manchester school of Art. He went on to spend nearly four years studying Classical drawing and painting in Florence. He is the artistic director of Northern Realist Drawing & Painting in Manchester, teaching contemporary realism to a new generation of artists. He lectures in drawing at the University of Salford and has exhibited widely including with The Royal Society of Portrait Painters and The Pastel Society.