Skin hunger on film

Skin Hunger on Film

Skin Hunger on Film

UK 2021
Dir: Pinny Grylls

A Dante or Die release

A poignant look at our biological need for human touch.

Skin Hunger on Film is a collaboration between Dante or Die and award-winning documentary film-maker Pinny Grylls. The film follows three audience members as they interact with, and respond to, a performance installation about the power of touch – a vital aspect of humanity that so many of us didn’t realise we needed until it was restricted.

Morgan is an ex-prisoner who didn’t see any family and friends whilst in jail. Helen is a dementia care worker who uses touch to comfort and calm her patients. Francis is a leading neuroscientist specialising in the importance of touch to human development.

The restrictions on holding hands, hugging loved ones or offering physical comfort to friends and family have felt brutal over the past 18 months. Skin Hunger on Film provokes conversation about how we approach touch as we re-emerge from the pandemic and begin to live together again.

It also offers insights into how live performance and the arts are a vital tool to create shared experience and the opportunity to reflect and reconnect.​

Skin Hunger on Film

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