Starring Laura Murphy as herself amidst the failing performance of Western civilisation, A Spectacle of Herself charts a cosmic voyage through performance, probing into space and outer space, and taking up space – on your screens and in your lives.

Slicing herself into appropriately sized, appropriately seasoned, appropriately inappropriate portions, Laura navigates in the footsteps of spectacle maker Bridget Jones, asking is she ‘too much’ ? Is she ‘not enough’? Or can you love her just as she is?

Following on from Laura’s debut solo Contra, A Spectacle of Herself is a performance film emerging from research into a new live work. Interrogating themes around virtuosity, autobiography, identity, and the spectacularized body, A Spectacle of Herself draws on Laura’s doctoral research which investigates aerial work’s potential as a critically engaged practice and its use as a vehicle for social and political propaganda.


Performed and written by Laura Murphy
Theatre Director: Ursula Martinez
Lip Sync Consultant: Dickie Beau
Art Director: Nicole A’Court-Stuart
Film Director, Edit and 1st Camera: Holly Black, Black Bark Films
2nd Camera: Aphra Evans
Sound: Jo Barker and Nicole A’Court-Stuart

Produced by Nicole A’Court-Stuart for ContraProject
Commissioned by Cologne Circus and Dance Festival and The Lowry, Salford.
Supported by Arts Council England