Secondary Education


HE and FE Workshops (KS3 and KS4)

We offer a range of creative workshops exploring the LS Lowry Collection, special  exhibitions and our Theatres programme, through both visual and performing arts.

Our workshops are led by professional artists and practitioners and take place at The Lowry, or  if you prefer, we can come to your school.


A Taste Of Honey Workshops

Aimed at: Key stages 4-5 and teachers

We’ll be offering a series of workshops to students and teachers when National Theatre’s A Taste Of Honey comes to The Lowry in September.

There will be a CPD aimed at teachers and practitioners which will introduce practical strategies for exploring the play with your students. There will also be a Page To Stage workshop on offer to students which will be facilitated by the Associate Director with members of the acting company. And there will also be insight workshops which will be hosted at your school with the Associate Director as they talk you through elements of the production.

To find out more about these workshops, or to book, call the groups line on 0843 208 6003.


LS Lowry Workshops

We offer a year-round programme of performing and visual arts workshops based on the LS Lowry collection. 

  • Half day: £120 (£96 Salford schools) 
  • Full day: £240 (£192 Salford schools. 
  • Artist in school: £300 per day 
  • For up to 35 pupils 10am–12pm or 1pm–3pm

LS Lowry Visual Art Wokshops

Key Stages 3 & 4

We have three strands to our Visual Arts Workshops:

  • LS Lowry Industrial Scenes
  • LS Lowry Landscapes
  • LS Lowry portraits

For up to 35 pupils 10am–12pm or 1pm–3pm.

Investigate, explore and learn with out artists about LS Lowry’s style of painting whilst creating your own artwork from one of the above themes. 

Half day: £120 (£96 Salford schools) | Full day: £240 (£192 Salford schools) | Artist in school: £300 per day.

LS Lowry Dance Workshops

Key Stages 3 & 4

Develop dance techniques and ideas for choreography in a practical session led by a professional dancer. Spend time in the galleries exploring the paintings and drawings of LS Lowry and use these as a starting point for ideas about character, movement and narrative.

Half day: £120 (£96 Salford schools) | Full day: £240 (£192 Salford schools | Artist in school: £300 per day

For up to 35 pupils | 10am–12pm or 1pm–3pm.

LS Lowry Drama Workshops

Key Stages 3 & 4

Use the paintings of Lowry as inspiration to investigate a variety of drama techniques. Work with our artists through a variety of warm up games before spending time in the galleries looking at some of Lowry’s key paintings. Engage with the images by exploring narrative and character and then work in our studio space to develop living pictures by bringing the people from the paintings to life.

Half day: £120 (£96 Salford schools) | Full day: £240 (£192 Salford schools | Artist in school: £300 per day

For up to 35 pupils | 10am–12pm or 1pm–3pm

In School Workshops

Key Stages 3 & 4

We will send a professional artist to your school (distance dependent and negotiable) to help you explore the work of LS Lowry or a topic of your choice. 

These are full day workshops from 10am-3pm (timings can be flexible). 

Cost £300 including materials | For up to 35 pupils | 10am-3pm

Pick & Mix

 A bespoke workshop for your class

We provide workshops linked to our performances or another area of the curriculum e.g. Dance, Drama or Visual Art .

A member of our team of highly experienced artists will then design and deliver a bespoke workshop for you, either at The Lowry or in your school. 

Half day: £150 | Full day: £300 | Artist in school: £300 per day

3D Modelling

Key stages 3 & 4

Be inspired by the LS Lowry collection or choose to explore a subject area of your choice and spend a day developing modelling techniques to produce a finished piece of artwork.

For up to 35 pupils | Full day workshop: 10am-3pm | Cost: £360