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We love to welcome families to The Lowry and offer a weekly programme of creative activities for babies, under 5’s and under 11’s as well as a range of performances and exhibitions for young audiences.

Our changing programme delivers new and exciting art activities each week from storytelling, dance, mindfulness and sensory play. All activities are free and we ask that everyone attending books a place (that’s children and adults).

If you have any questions about taking part or if you need any support to access our programmes please email



The Booth Charities Family Scheme

Do I qualify?

You qualify if you…

  • Have a Salford postcode
  • Have a child or young person with a disability or additional needs under the age of 25
  • Have never been to see a performance at The Lowry before, or have not been able to see a performance at The Lowry together as a family then this scheme is for you!
  • Across the year you will be invited to attend 3 appropriate performances at The Lowry. These may be relaxed performances of PMLD (profound and multiple learning disability) performances.

Tickets are free for a family of up to 5 Creative activities are available pre show and during the show to keep your children and young people engaged.

Case Study of a family that took part in the scheme:

Mum and dad have 5 children age 9,7,3 and 1 and live in Irlam, Salford. Their 3 year old son “A” has Autism and currently attends a mainstream Primary School.
Mum and dad are regular theatre goers and have always enjoyed coming to the theatre, they have previously watched War Horse, Fame and a ballet all accessed through the Our Lowry scheme. Mum, dad and 3 of the children have attended the theatre together. Mum explained that she was not confident enough to bring A with them as a family due to previous experiences in the cinema and having to leave half way through.
Mum said that bringing her whole family to experience the theatre together has been “invaluable and created amazing memories for them all”. A is still singing songs from We’re Going on a Bear Hunt (the first performance that they attended in August 2019). All 6 members of their family came to see We’re Going on a Bear Hunt, Pulse and The Gruffalo’s Child.

Prior to coming to the first performance Mum and Dad shared the visual story that we had sent them along with watching videos on You Tube to help A understand what it would be like at the theatre. A coped really well during the performances and the whole family were able to stay for the duration of each.

Mum explained that having the visual art activity available beforehand enabled A to gain confidence in the space rather than going straight into the theatre. A needed to go and hide at one point but the space in the Quays Bar allowed for that and “no one tried to stop him which was great”

After attending the first two performances the family felt confident enough to come to see a performance of Hansel and Gretel that was being offered through the Our Lowry scheme. Mum said that she felt much more confident coming and that she felt that her change in mindset had an impact on A. Mum explained that when A attended the second performance she could see he was much more confident in the space and was excited to be coming. Every experience he has had since joining the scheme has been positive which has meant that they are able to come to the theatre together again as a family.

Mum said that taking part in the scheme has meant she will now “give it a try rather than ruling it out immediately with fear of letting down her other children”

Feedback from previous participants:

Thank you so much for yesterday it was perfect
It’s very rare we get a family day out so for this I’m very grateful.

As a family with not a lot of money the theatre is a luxury.
To go knowing you May only see 5 minutes makes us incredibly reluctant to go. We don’t even go to the cinema as A cannot sit still for the duration of a film. We’ve tried with school with a Christmas panto. A didn’t like and we had to be collected after 15 minutes of it starting. Due to this we have opted to be off school when it’s panto day. The experience yesterday was nothing but positive. The families that attended and all the staff were lovely. It was wonderful to be in a safe environment where noises and movement was not an issue. The gift given to many families was priceless. So a huge thank you.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the tickets for the theatre for we’re going on a bear hunt my son thoroughly enjoyed it and it helped that it was a relaxed performance for him as it was his very first visit to the theatre. He enjoyed it so much that he said he would love to visit the theatre again, so thank you.


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