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The Frontline 2020

This extraordinary painting was given to the City of Salford by an anonymous painter.  It pays tribute to some of the key workers who kept the city going through the lockdown, including nurses, cleaners and bin crews, set against a Salford landscape.

City Mayor Paul Dennett said he was baffled but delighted by the donation.

‘It is absolutely stunning, a really powerful piece of art and I am so grateful to whoever is responsible. 

It captures the real spirit of Salford and the dedication of our key workers who have kept the city going through these difficult times.

I’d love to say thank you directly to the artist and we can do that anonymously if they prefer. It’s beautifully painted and really captures a moment in our city’s history.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected this city greatly and it is important that when the time is right we have a fitting tribute to remember those who have lost their lives to the virus in the city.’

The painting will be shown at The Lowry when it reopens and will then tour venues across the city.