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Carol Parkes

Carol Parkes Hero to Zero - low res

EMTAS Coronaquilt Project

Liang Sun

From Fear to Fight 2020

I started drawing this on 24th March when the lockdown just started.

The situation was really scary that time. Even scarier when we heard one of our Salford Art Club active members, Robert died from Coronavirus, and one friend from my tennis club, Steve, was treated in Salford Royal with pneumonia.

There was bad news everywhere on social media and news channels. I started the picture  … and left it there. I used the dark background to represent the uncertainty, and used the twilight far away to represent the hope … I didn’t touch it until May when the coronavirus pandemic passed the peak in UK.

By that time, I knew that we can fight against the coronavirus with support from the NHS staff, key workers and the whole country. The spirit changed from fear to fight. Thus, I used silver and gold inks to draw a wing.

Gill Nicholas

Gill Nicholas - low res

Shelley McElvaney