Market Scene, Northern Town by LS Lowry

LS Lowry - Days Like These

The Lowry is the proud home of the largest collection of paintings and drawings by LS Lowry in the world.  Few other artists can match his popularity or the accessibility of his work.

His fascination with both crowded city streets, and vast landscapes devoid of all human activity has made his work more relevant than ever, as the world starts to re-emerge from lockdown.

In his early years Lowry painted everyday people living everyday lives – going to work, going to school, the park, the beach, football matches: all denied to most of us in recent months.  But despite his success, he struggled with feelings of loneliness and isolation and his later works are daunting in their emptiness.

As he described it, “It’s the battle of life … and life’s pretty turbulent, isn’t it?”

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