By Amanda Storey

Our communities found inventive ways of coming together and showing solidarity throughout Lockdown. We clapped for the key-workers and the rainbow became a symbol of hope with many people displaying them in their windows. Organisations, volunteers and neighbours stepped up to offer support to people facing the challenges of being and feeling alone.

Doreen Burns

We are three long-time friends who had hoped to isolate together. This couldn’t be. Our friend Carol not able to be with us (she was advised to shield alone) so using our iPads we decided we would take a virtual cruise of the Mediterranean.

Each day we followed a route round different cities, taking walking tours, dressing for diner at the captain’s table, dancing into the night (as you would do on a cruise).

We had many laughs with ridiculous scenarios we invented.

It kept us amused until we were able to walk out again and visit our lonesome friend. We celebrated with a fish and chips lunch in her garden (the chippy had just reopened at lunchtimes).

This picture shows us on our first meet up after seven weeks’ isolation, after our celebration lunch.  Each day after this we called on Carol when out for our early morning walk.

It’s helped to keep us all sane and positive in an awful situation, with many sad things happening around us, the loss of neighbours and friends.

We looking forward as is everyone to at some point in 2020 picking up normal life albeit may be a new normal.  Our friendship has survived 40 years and we are not done yet!

Amanda Storey

Picture of a girl and an older lady kissing through a closed window

Connect Youth & Community Centre - Eccles

Kristine Harwood

A poem by Eve Marron

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