Untitled Residency

Untitled Residency

Untitled Residency is a new artist development programme launched in 2018. Untitled is a response to artists who needed dedicated time away to really delve deep into an idea in its early days – be it exploring a new collaboration across art form (including non-arts based); or across diverse artists or disciplines; or experimenting a new way of working or going rogue and disrupting a common practice and see what comes out of it.

Giving artists the freedom to innovate by only focusing on the process – the messy, the mistakes, the warts and all – and not outcome.

Untitled Residency have been awarded to artists who are exploring:

  • Ideas/Projects that are in the very early stages of development that will benefit from experimentation rather than rehearsal
  • Work and/or way of storytelling that is made in an unusual way or different collaborative approaches that would benefit from investment in-kind (space) and seed funding in order to strengthen a R&D funding application
  • Artists/theatre makers who are underrepresented in terms of ethnicity, disability, sexuality, socie-economic backgrounds and any others who might need a different kind of courage to overcome historical barriers or perspectives.
  • Art forms that currently have a regional gap in artist development support: dance and contemporary circus

Untitled Residency includes:

  • 5 day residency / up to 40 hours of studio time (Aldridge Studio 3)
  • A small pot of seed funding of £500
  • Become part of The Lowry Artist Network cohort where artists are invited to events, discussions, networking nights, special offers on tickets and other professional development opportunities
  • Option to informally share and reflect on the process with a trusted invited group if needed
  • Option of having a critical eye at points that suit




Anna Alvarez

MON 27 – FRI 31 JANUARY 2020

Project title: Wheel Chair Tango

We will be exploring the communicative and connecting elements of Tango through the week using these elements within the musicality and codes of Tango. We have the objective the developing chair based Tango workshops and delivering them at The Lowry and further afield. We are also developing a duet based on what we discover in the week. The workshop is a response to the lack of diversity in the UK social Tango scene and an exploration of how this can be challenged.

Website: /

Instagram: annaalvarez_

Facebook: /anna.clasper.18


Mandla Rae

MON 17 – FRI 22 FEBRUARY 2020

Project title: ‘as british as a watermelon’. 

During the residency, I’ll be focusing on the creation of the world in which my story exists and the ways I can experiment with space, watermelons and movement. I want to be in the room with my dramaturg/director and bring the script to life, figure out the kinks and develop its delivery. I want to use the time ultimately to figure out what the show looks like and how it feels, I’m keen to start figuring out set design and the relationship between my words and what’s going on around me.

Twitter: @mandla_rae


Clumsy Bodies

MON 23 – FRI 27 MARCH 2020

Project title: Clumsy Body Doubles

Clumsy Body Doubles is a trans comedy-horror that examines who gets to author trans stories by hiring our cisgender doppelgangers to take over our lives as trans people. From Boys Don’t Cry to Danish Girl to Dallas Buyers Club, the majority of commercially successful stories about trans lives go to those with cis actors attached. Inspired by the traditional horror of the doppelgänger, we want to explore the current debate around identity, authenticity and gender. We want to use this residency to experiment and play with the grey area between verbatim and pseudo-verbatim, as well as explore the possibilities of horror to resonate with trans experiences, rather than demonize (as the genre has historically done).


Twitter/Facebook/Instagram: @clumsybodies


James Monaghan & Gareth Chambers

MON 18 – FRI 22 MAY 2020

Project title: F*CKchamp

F*CKchamp will explore how digital technology is re-shaping sexuality, social transactions, intimacy and the rules of engagement both in the digital and physical world. From sex sites to love bites, we are evolving. Exploring the different ways/excuses men find to touch each other (boxing, wrestling and the rest), F*CKchamp is a disruptive live theatrical experiment for online and offline voyeurs.


Twitter: @james_mon89

Insta: @james_dinlo


Naomi Sumner Chan

MON 15 – FRI 19 JUN 2020

 Project title: Dandelions

DANDELIONS is a verbatim theatre project exploring the experiences of three generations of British Forces children. During the residency we will select a number of stories from the many hours of verbatim material Naomi has gathered and try different ways of bringing these stories to life on stage. One of the main things we will be exploring is how to mix filmed footage with live performance.


Twitter @BSOwriters or @naomisumner  

Facebook: /brushstrokeorder


Nikhil Vyas & Alissa Anne Jeun Yi (Trip Hazards)

MON 29 JUN – FRI 3 JUL 2020

Project title: Years Gone By And Still (working title)

Trip Hazards will be undertaking an R+D on their next full length show, Years Gone By And Still. Sitting between dance-theatre and sound installation, it’s a project investigating the relationships we have with music, the imaginative processes that happen while we listen to it, and how our ways of listening are transforming in the contemporary world. The residency will be spent collaborating with sound and movement artists to explore ways of listening and moving in order to discover the shape of the piece.



Twitter: @_TripHazards

To Date

Sara Green

Sara Green

Untitled Residency Week of: 11 November 2019


Sara is a movement director and choreographer based in London. She has had extensive experience in a variety of settings, regularly collaborating with artists to bringing movement and dance to the forefront of other art forms.

Sara works across theatre, film, fashion and dance; recent work includes Richard Ayoade’s vignette for Radiohead, short film The Entertainer starring Toby Jones, and Anita & Me, a world premiere for the Birmingham Rep.



Untitled Residency Week of: 28 October 2019

Proto-type are a company of multi-disciplinary artists led by Rachel Baynton, Gillian Lees, and Andrew Westerside.

They create original performance work that is diverse in scale, subject and medium. Recently, this has included touring theatre (A Machine they’re Secretly Building), a two-week long theatrical experience using pervasive technologies (Fortnight), a multimedia concert-performance featuring a live laptop orchestra and animation (The Good, the God and the Guillotine) and a radio drama with the BBC (The Forgotten Suffragette).

Critics have called their work ‘an intriguing brush with altered reality’ (New York Times), ‘Smartly intelligent… coolly reasoned theatre’ (The Guardian) and ‘enthralling’ (Zambezi News).



Untitled Residency Week of: 23 September 2019

Symoné is one of the U.K.’s most popular cabaret performers. Her skill set is a combination of multiple hula hooping, roller-skating and dance. She continues owning her roots as an underground club dancer in high end shows, combining dance styles such as voguing and dancehall in feel good circus routines. Renowned for cleverly combining dance, roller-skating and hula hooping, Symoné is a versatile performer with 7 years of professional performing experience under her belt.


Swen Stienhauser

Untitled Residency Week of: 27 July 2019

The dance performance And so with Dignity through the Birdsong/Still Lifeonis a new project by contemporary theatre and performance director Swen Steinhauser (hauser, Deer Park) in collaboration with the Liverpool Biennial Associate artist Daniel Fogarty and the dancers Hannah Buckley, Neil Callaghan, Tora Hed and Inari Hulkkonen.

And so with Dignity through the Birdsong/Still Lifetakes as its starting point a playful enquiry into critical questions of our time that rethink the human place in the world, probing for modalities of occupying space and time with gentleness. Constructing with lightness a series of scenarios in which the human figure increasingly drifts to the margins, the dancers bring to life a multiplicity of bespoke sculptural objects and materials. At the threshold between the animate and inanimate, the stillness come alive and life become still, the body begins to merge into the shifting landscapes of an object-world. Drawing on source materials as varied as Serge Gainsbourgh’s song New York, John Cassavette’s A women under the influence’ and the tradition of Still Life in the history of art, And so with Dignity through the Birdsong/Still Lifeweaves fragments of movement, text, image, narrative and sculpture into a world saturated with gestures, textures, feelings, rhythms and associative threads of meaning.

A blog about the process can be found here: 



Melissa Johns

Untitled Residency Week of: 20 May 2019

In January 2018, Disabled Actor, Melissa Johns’ icloud was hacked and explicit photos of her were released online. A young disabled woman with a history of body dysmorphia comes to terms with her body becoming public property.

After a 10-year battle against her disability-oriented negative self-image, Johns resolves to publicly face up to the leaked photos, refusing to display embarrassment or remorse in order to champion female sexuality, fight body shaming and the taboo of sex and disability. The Residency Week saw Melissa and Director Lily Levin explore ideas for a timely 1 woman show co-devised & performed by Johns herself.

Twitter: @Melissa_Clare_J

Ellie Rose

Ellie Rose

Untitled Residency Week of: 18 March 2019

For her week at The Lowry, Ellie Rose wanted to create a new collaborative theatre experiment, by bringing together an all stranger ensemble. Five artists who have never worked together before, each with their own unique skill – are collaborating to create something new. The artists include a director, a physical theatre performer, a spoken word poet, a composer and an actor.

Titled LIQUORICE, the project asked what it means to be British, in this unpredictable, unstable and untested political climate. ​Exploring a non- traditional, live theatre play – a tantalising excursion into a place where performance, spoken word, and an original thumping soundtrack fuse to create something mind-blowing.

Who is making it?

The artists involved explored the idea of Britishness within the current Brexit climate; used their unique skill sets to create a experimental work, including acting, movement, live music and spoken word; and worked with series of exercises, drawn from research and personal experience, created scenes and sketches which they then shared back with an invited audience to gain feedback.

“The week’s residency, supported by The Lowry allowed me to expand my artistic practise and explore arts forms that were entirely new to me. It also granted me time to collaborate with a group of diverse and exciting artists. We were able to use the time experiment, make a mess and fully investigate our creative ideas. The programme also allowed me the opportunity to apply for and be awarded arts council funding. Overall my experience was hugely positive and I look forward to seeing how the work will develop in the future.” – Ellie Rose

A blog about the process can be found here:

Zoe Iqbal

Zoe Iqbal

Untitled Residency Week of: 11 March 2019

What they did:

Our project had a working title of WHEN THE MUSIC STOPS/MODERN LOVE. We wanted to:

  • Experiment with exploring pain through humour, storytelling and music.
  • Experiment with generating material through methods we hadn’t tried before.
  • Be able to fail and see what works.


The group consisted of:

  • Zoe Iqbal
  • Ilaria Passeri
  • Peter Keeley
  • Julie Burrows


Untitled Residency provided me with an opportunity to have actual space and time that I could dedicate to experimenting with generating material that I hadn’t had before. Costs of rehearsal space mount up, and can be a big risk especially if you want to take risks and extend your personal boundaries.

The theatre space was accessible, and that means a whole bunch. It makes everything a lot easier. We got to be in a space and normalise disability, we weren’t required to have to generate material on which ever minority we are from, we had choice to work in an accessible space on whatever we liked.

We got to explore our curiosities. I must emphasise that it was great having a space we could fail in. We were really welcomed into the building by everyone and that takes away the anxiety of us and them, gate keepers and people who stand before the gates. I love how Manchester and Salford venues welcome artists from around the country and around the world. I really appreciate more venues and especially The Lowry reaching out to local and working class artists as well.

Twitter @zoeIqbal

The Knotted Project

The Knotted Project

Untitled Residency Week of: 7 January 2019

What they did:

The Knotted Project and Hawk Dance Theatre did the first week of their research and development for their new childrens show Outside The Igloo at The Lowry in January 2019. During this week, we used The Lowry studio as a base to experiment and play with ideas for the work. We collaborated with a poet, set designer and performers during this phase.


The Knotted Project create intricate & original physical theatre about human stories in a changing world. They use the power of theatre to start conversations, inspire audiences and engage young people. Hawk Dance Theatre (HDT) is a dance company based in Manchester that creates, explores and inspires audiences by offering work that is engaging & accessible.

Directed by Josh Hawkins, HDT develops visually dynamic and powerful productions for various platforms. The two companies collaborate specifically on work for young people. They successfully created and toured the critically acclaimed ‘The Chit Chat Chalk Show’ across the UK in 2018/2019 and are very excited to premier Outside The Igloo in the Autumn 2019.


Being awarded an Untitled Residency at The Lowry was an extremely positive experience for us as a company. Being invited into such an inspiring building, full of creative people was a perfect way to begin exploring new ideas. With dedicated rehearsal space in a high quality studio, a £500 bursary and the opportunity to meet the brilliant staff at The Lowry, the residency was perfectly structured to support our Arts Council England funded activity. It really did serve as a springboard for us and enabled us to experiment, play and develop in a well-supported and inspiring environment.


Ali Gadema

Untitled Residency Week of: 1 October 2018

Ali Gadema has been working as an established rapper, poet, hip hop theatre practitioner and educator nationally for many years. He has received national and international recognition performing in Jamaica, Washington DC and other places around the globe.

Under the alias of Frisko Dan he founded Freestyle Mondays, a night of improvised lyricism and beatbox at the Contact Theatre. In 2005 Ali started Sharpening SAWDS, a hip-hop arts collective working with both established artists and young people from urban communities to produce dynamic and high-octane hip-hop theatre.

In 2007 he co-wrote, acted in and rehearsal directed the piece The Adventures of Carl Brogan, a Sharpening SAWDS production directed by Baba Israel and performed at Contact Theatre. He has written and performed a solo show Contradictions and co-founded the Pen-ultimate poetry collective.

Twitter @Pookstah


Mark Croasdale

Untitled Residency Week of: 3 September 2018

Mark Croasdale is a Manchester based creative, performance artist and producer. He is currently is development with his first solo show, Staying In, premiering late 2019.

He has previously received commissions for live art & theatre from New Trust Art (Letters From Egypt & Letters @ Lyme), Amnesty International (Anonymous) and The Homes and Communities Agency (Angels in Ancoats).

As a producer he has supported artists and organisations including Ian Carrington (Fat Roland), Jenny May Morgan (Pamela DeMenthe), Proud and Loud Arts, Contact Young Company (CYC), Wonderhouse Productions and has himself performed live art commissions at RITE festival 2016 & 2017.