Class Of 2019

Welcome to The Lowry’s latest Artist Development Strand – ‘CLASS OF’.

Running alongside our existing Studio Members Scheme, our classmates are a select group of emerging artists, companies, producers and heroes who are ready to FEEL THE LEARN.

They will take part in a dedicated year-long training programme aimed at demystifying, clarifying and generally un-baffling arts production. This carefully designed learning path will start with the basics like ‘How To Get Programmed’ and ‘How To Talk About Your Work’, and rounding up with ‘Entrepreneurial Thinking’ and ‘Exploring Other Media’.

They’ll graduate in Summer 2019 armed with all the tools needed to make a start in theatre production, whether that be producing their own work, starting their own company, or freelance producing for other people. They might also be given some kind of nice badge, and a secret handshake. We haven’t decided yet.

But enough from us – let’s meet the Class of 2019!

Meet the class

Amie George

Multi-talented Amie is a performer, writer and co-Artistic Director of Rogue Bones Theatre Company. A graduate of the Royal Court Writers programme her work has been performed at Paines Plough Roundabout, HOME and Oldham Coliseum!

Amy Hailwood

An emerging theatre director with a speciality in applied theatre facilitation, Amy’s focus is on directing powerful, imaginative, contemporary theatre and fusing it with community transformation, for positive social change.

Picture of Brogen Campbell

Brogen Campbell

Brogen is a theatre producer and actor who has already worked with 53two, Royal Exchange Theatre and Contact. She is currently the producer of the theatre collective SwitchMCR. 

Charlotte McShane

Charlotte is a performer working across stand-up, spoken-word, live art and even the odd dance party! Her work looks at gender expectations and is shambolic, creative, unpredictable but above all a damn good time…some of the time.

Coalesce Dance Theatre (Fern and Rachel)

As an all-female directed contemporary dance company, Fern and Rachel’s mission is to create exciting and provoking dance work that connects audiences with ideas about the world. They are currently artists in residence at University of Salford.

Dan Mawson

Dan Mawson is an instrumentalist, composer and curator, now spreading his wings as a creative producer. With a solid musical background, Dan is also the manager of musical theatre writing duo leoe&hyde. 

Ellen Rogerson

A performer and director, Ellen creates and devises her own work, engaging young adults and exploring Northern regional identities. She hopes to also gain experience and skills to produce her own and other artists work.

Eloise Bonney

Founder of the international Baobab Tree Theatre Company, Eloise has toured the world with her own play, whilst also finding spare time to perform in plays and immersive experiences across the North West.

Emily Edwards

A fresh graduate from Edge Hill University, Emily is passionate about the production side of theatre and has already started extending her experience across the North West through producing and stage managing.

Fine Comb Theatre (Rachel & Catherine)

A new-writing theatre company with a growing reputation, Rachel and Catherine (better known as Fine Comb Theatre) create issue-based theatre with the aim to provoke thought and stimulate conversation.

Green Carnation Company (Dan & Dan)

A fresh new theatre company from two people called Dan, Green Carnation Company are dedicated to producing high quality theatre addressing LGBTQ+ issues through a mixture of live performance, discussion and digital activity.

Lucy Padwick

Lucy is the creative mind behind Foxtail Theatre. A performer with a passion for making family theatre, Lucy is eager to develop Foxtail further in order to take the whole family into the theatre and on an adventure!

Stephen Davies

Stephen is a theatre and multimedia artist with a passion for bringing the possibilities and capabilities of video games into live performances spaces. Aside from that he is also one half of theatre and media company ‘Snapshot! M.T.C.’

A picture of Rosalyn Norford

Rosalyn Norford

Rosalyn is a family arts practitioner specialising in outdoor and site specific circus based performances. Her experience stems from delivering and devising community projects for a wide variety of community groups.