Workshop: Building Your Online Brand On Social Media

Led by Helen Palmer, Co-Director of Creative Tourist and Palmer Squared

On Wednesday 6 November 2019 at The Lowry, Helen led an insightful and in depth workshop showing artist/company/theatre maker how to build their brand online using social media as an effective tool to market their artistic and creative profile and stand out from the crowd.

Topics covered:

  • Consumer behaviour and psychology on social media
  • Understanding why you need to set objectives and targets
  • Digital strategy and presence that engages current and future target audiences
  • Social media branding tools, methods and analytics
  • How much time, resource and money is needed

This workshop was organised by The Lowry Artist Development and was livestreamed on the night.

Watch: Teaser video

Download: Slides

Download: Cover Story Vision Canvas

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Director, Creative Tourist & Palmer Squared

Helen has been at the forefront of some of Manchester’s major cultural milestones as part of the founding teams of The Lowry, Cultureshock – the cultural programme that accompanied the city’s 2002 Commonwealth Games and Manchester International Festival. From experience of working at a senior level within Manchester and through working with organisations, individual practitioners, networks and destinations across the UK as a consultant for many years, Helen knows how to build and manage successful professional brands, including working with limited budgets as individual practitioners. As well as consultancy work Helen and colleagues at Creative Tourist also manage, a site that promotes the cultural offer across the north attracting 124k page views/month, powered by the Culture Hosts online listings platform and deliver digital campaigns and training for a range of clients.


Skills and knowledge includes: marketing, audience development, strategic planning, communications, event management, project management for arts, festivals, theatres, museums, galleries, and cultural tourism, place branding for destinations through facilitating collaborations and partnership working.