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Artist Opportunities

Here you will find the latest in opportunities for artists, theatre makers and practitioners alike.

Music in Extraordinary Places

Clod Ensemble workshop – 24 October, running 6.30pm – 8.30pm

Manchester Camerata orchestra’s community programme uses music as a tool to encourage people to express themselves, communicate with others and develop new skills. The programme places participants at the centre of the creative process and is delivered by a range of artists including musicians, music therapists, composers and producers. New music is created on every project, consisting of both structured compositions and improvised pieces which are created in the moment.

This evening workshop will discuss best practice when working with vulnerable people in the community, with particular reference to people living with dementia. You will discover the process behind collaborating with vulnerable people and explore how it feels to deliver a session, reflecting on the effects that this can have on your own wellbeing.

You will also explore how it feels to take part in a session and the potential outcomes for participants, both during the session and over the course of a project. Part of Reboot, Clod Ensemble’s artist development programme.

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HOW TO: Talk About Your Work

Wed 31 October, 6 – 8.30pm

Need to pitch your work to a programmer you’ve bumped into at an event? Need to succinctly describe your company within a 500 word funding application? Need to pull in new audiences for a production with only 50 words of copy in a brochure to do it?

Being able to confidently and succinctly communicate with people about the work that you make or produce is a key skill which artists often struggle with. Whether you’re talking to industry, funders, audiences or your peers, it’s essential to make sure that your ‘elevator pitch’ is as hard-working as you are. This workshop will look at the different ways we talk about ourselves and our work – our language, our confidence, our assumptions – and help you find a new kind of pitch which traverses the tricky line between sounding like everyone else, and sounding like a big pile of absolute nonsense.

This workshop was selected by members of our Class Of 2019 scheme, and is free to attend for Studio Members and Class Of participants.

Email with HOW TO: Talk About Your Work in the subject line to book your place.

Call For Submissions: Shoots – in partnership with ADP and DANC

Studio Members scratch event, Thu 22 November

Our Studio Members scratch night Shoots returns this Autumn, and this time we’re putting on a bumper evening of new work with partner organisations ADP and DANC.

‘Shoots’ is an evening dedicated to the development of ideas; projects which might one day turn into fully formed pieces and go on to conquer the world, but which for now are stuck floating around in your creative ethers, trying to find an audience. It’s about throwing an idea at the wall and seeing if it sticks, it’s about now rather than never, it’s about the spit, without the polish.

We are offering three slots to Studio Members to show 15 minutes of something brand spanking new in order to put it in front of an audience and see if it’s got legs. It’s a valuable opportunity for audience feedback to help you move forward with the project, and successful applicants will also receive £250 seed funding to help the basic development of the piece.

Our Studio Members pieces will be followed by pieces presented by ADP and DANC. The event will be open to the public, with tickets sold at £5, with ticket income being fed back into the Studio Members programme so we can continue to offer you these great opportunities.


Things for applicants to consider:

• Pieces must be technically very simple – each group will have a one-hour technical rehearsal on the day of the event, so anything beyond basic ‘press go’ sound and lighting cues is probably unachievable in that time. No flaming pyrotechnics please.
• Pieces will be performed on a standard bare stage (no dance floor) – there will be a five minute changeover between pieces on the night, therefore you will need to be able to easily set up and clear the stage in that time. No flaming Ferris wheels please.
• Technical rehearsals will take place the afternoon of Thursday 22 November – all performers will need to be available then as well as for the evening performance. No flaming latecomers please.

Other than that, there are no restrictions on what you present – just take your best idea and throw it our way. To apply, please send a 500 word description of the piece you’d like to scratch plus a biog to by 5pm, Friday 2 May.

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